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Aesculan, maść doodbytnicza, 30 g, Herbapol
Aesculan rectal ointment Composition The active substance: Dry extract from the bark of horse..
Alax, tabletki przeczyszczajace, 20 szt, Herbapol
Alax laxative tablets, 20 szt - Herbapol ..
Antyzgaga, ANTYZGAGAGOCAPS, kapsułki, 30 szt, Herbapol
Dietary supplement beneficial on the proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract. ..
Arcalen maść, 30g, Herbapol
Arcalen facilitates and accelerates the resorption of hematomas, bruises and joint effusions and per..
Baikadent, żel do stosowania w jamie ustnej, 5,77 mg / g, 15 g, Herbapol
Baikadent is a gel to be applied to the gums in periodontal diseases. Use of the product improves th..
Bratek z Pokrzywa Kapsulki, Herbapol
Pansies with Nettle Capsules, Herbapol Ingredients Pansy herb (violet tricolor), nettle leaf a..
Calcium Osteo D3 60 tabl. - Herbapol
Herbapol - Calcium Osteo D3 60 tabl. ..
Cardiol C, Krople, Herbapol, 40g
Herbapol - Cardiol C Heart Drops, 40g ..
Cholesol, płyn doustny, 100 g, Herbapol
Preparation facilitates flow of bile, acts as a cholagogic and spasmolytic agent, which is related t..
Cholesterol Stop, 30 kapsułek, Herbapol, 5903850004172
Cholesterol, Stop, 30, kapsułek, Herbapol, 5903850004172 DIRECTIONS: 1 capsule by mouth during th..
Cynarecaps 30 capsules - Herbapol
Cynarecaps 30 capsules - Herbapol ..
Cynarex, tabletki, 250 mg, 30 szt, Herbapol
Cynarex tabletki na niestrawność profilaktyka miażdżycy 30 tabletek - Herbapol Cynarex is a natur..
Debelizyna, 100g, pasta ziołowa, doustna, Herbapol
Used as a preventive measure in patients with renal calculosis. ..
Dernilan Krem 35g - Herbapol
Dernilan cream is a preparation intended for the care of skin on the feet and hands. Thisis a cream ..
Dernilan Maść 35g - Herbapol
Thanks to combined effects of its components: allantoin, nicotinamide, salicylic acid and camphor th..
DexaCaps, kapsulki na kaszel, 10's, Herbapol
DexaCaps composed with dextromethorphan hydrobromide and substances having a supportive action: the ..
Diabetocaps 60 caps - Herbapol
Pods of beans and white mulberry lower blood sugar levels which is used by diabetics. Ingredients..
Esceven, Żel, Herbapol, 30g
Esceven Gel for varicose veins, 30g - Herbapol ..
Herbapect, syrop bez cukru, na kaszel, 150g, Herbapol
Herbapect Cough Syrup (Sugar Free) 150 g ..
Lactacyt plyn do higieny intymnej 200 ml - Herbapol
Herbapol - Lactacyt plyn do higieny intymnej 200 ml ..
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