Sól KINGA (4 kolory) 1kg

Sól KINGA (4 kolory) 1kg
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Sól KINGA (4 kolory x 0,25kg) 1kg

“Kinga” cosmetic bath salt

Water is the main ingredient in skin care. Unfortunately, water available in your household often lacks softness which is essential for healthy skin. Using “Kinga” salt in the bath will soften the water giving it pleasant scent and colour.
”Kinga” bath salt will put you in a good mood, relive your stress and make your skin smooth and healthy, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Our bath salt is a composition of evaporated vacuum salt, water softening agent, moisturiser and skin oiling agent, thanks to these ingredients your balsams and creams will be better absorbed.
Kinga bath salt will give you very pleasant smelling sensation and is recommended for young and older a like.

General characteristics

Cosmetic bath salt is a mixture of vacuum salt, water softening agent, bio-degradable surface acting agent, oiling agents with colorant and scent complying with health and safety IFRA standards. Completely dissolves in water at 40 degrees Celsius and it contains no phosphates.


Used for bathing. Removes fatigue, rejuvenates the body as well as smoothes, firms and slightly oils the skin. Diluted in your bath water “Kinga” salt will create rich foam, soften the water while releasing pleasant soothing scent. Available in four different colours and scents:

  • Kinga green – forest scent 
  • Kinga yellow – lemon scent 
  • Kinga blue – flowers scent 
  • Kinga pink – fruit scent
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