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Coldrex, MaxGrip C, tabletki, 12 szt, GlaxoSmithKlein
INGREDIENTS  1 tablet contains 500 mg acetaminophen, 25 mg of caffeine, phenylephrine hydroc..
Colloidal Silver, 1100 ppm, Amino Acid & Botanical Supply, 2 fl oz (59.14 ml)
Amino Acid & Botanical Supply Colloidal Silver is made of silver particles of very small siz..
Colon C, Zdrowe Jelita, granulat, 200 g, A-Z Medica
COLON C is a dietary supplement which stimulates peristalsis due to its unique natural ing..
Cynamon, tabletki powlekane, 60 tab, Colfarm
Dietary supplement - Cinnamon. Ingredients 1 tablet: Cinnamon bark extract per-tree drie..
Cynarex, tabletki, 250 mg, 30 szt, Herbapol
Cynarex tabletki na niestrawność profilaktyka miażdżycy 30 tabletek - Herbapol Cynarex is a natur..
Czopki glicerolowe 1 g, 10 szt, Farmina
Glycerol suppositories are used in constipation as a laxative. Dosage Once 1 to 2 supposi..
Czopki glicerolowe 2g, 10 szt,  Farmina
Glycerol suppositories are used in constipation as a laxative. Dosage Once 1 to 2 supposi..
Czystek Susz ziołowy, 200g, Natura Wita, 5902194540018
Czystek (cistus incanus) Susz ziołowy, 200g, Natura Wita, 5902194540018 Supports the immune syste..
Daily Detox, Multi-Herb, Rooney CV, 60 Capsules
For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using herbs to clear away toxins from the body. In t..
Debelizyna, 100g, pasta ziołowa, doustna, Herbapol
Used as a preventive measure in patients with renal calculosis. ..
Dentosept A, płyn, 25 g, PhytoPharm
Dentosept A includes the ethanol extract composed of a chamomile, oak bark, sage leaves, arnica, cal..
Dentosept, płyn, 100 ml, PhytoPharm
Dentosept has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect on the oral mucosa. ..
Deprim Forte, kapsułki twarde, 425 mg, 20 szt, Sandoz
Deprim Forte contains dry extract of St. John's Wort. Ingredients Each tablet contains 425 mg ..
Deprim, tabletki powlekane, 30 szt, Sandoz
Deprim - a natural supplement used in soothing mood depressive states. Ingredients 1 tabl..
Depulol, żel do nacierania, 20 g, HASCO-LEK
Depulol gel, chest rub for symptomatic relief in common cold conditions. Ingredients 100 ..
Dermatol Proszek na rany 2g
The formulation is used in the treatment of the skin, inflammation of the skin, exudative wounds, ul..
Dermena Men, szampon hamuje wypadanie, stymuluje odrastanie włosów, 200 ml, Pharmena
Prevents hair loss  Stimulates hair regrowth Shampoo inhibiting hair loss and stimula..
Dermena, żel hamujący wypadanie włosów, 100 ml, Pharmena
Dermana Gel inhibits hair loss and stimulates the process of regrowth. ..
Dermosan N+R, krem półtłusty, 40 g
Vanishing cream for daily skin care. moisturizes regenerates contains vitamins A + E ..
Dermosan, krem tłusty do twarzy i ciała, 40 g, GlaxoSmithKlein
Greasy cream for daily skin care. Composition Petrolatum, Water, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Beeswa..
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