Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a result of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, which affects almost half of the population today. Varicose veins usually form in the legs causing an unaesthetic bluish grid, convex veins, accompanied by pain, swelling and heaviness. The problem concerns mainly mature women, but also many men and younger people increasingly complain about this condition. Varicose veins not only look ugly, but it are also a dangerous condition that can lead to severe complications, even life-threatening. That's why it's important to react at the first signs of developing the disease.


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Aescin tablets for Varicose Veins & Bruises 20 mg 30 szt.
Aescin tablets for Varicose Veins & Bruises 20 mg 30 szt. ..
Aflavic, 600 mg, tabletki powlekane, 30 szt.
Used in the treatment of symptomatic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. ..
Altacet, tabletki, na stluczenia i obrzeki, 1 g, 6 szt
Altacet applied topically to the skin reducea swelling in the joints and soft tissue. ..
Altacet, Zel, na stluczenia i obrzeki, 75g
Altacet is a colorless gel with the scent of menthol, used in bruising, post-traumatic ede..
Arcalen maść, 30g, Herbapol
Arcalen facilitates and accelerates the resorption of hematomas, bruises and joint effusions and per..
Arnicare Gel - 2.6 oz (75g)
Muscle Aches Stiffness Relieves Bruising  Discoloration From Bruising Swelling Fro..
$12.99 $10.99
AVILIN, Balsam Szostakowskiego, 50ml, Nes Pharma
The original recipe balsam prof. Szostakowskiego Action The preparation has topical protective..
Bilobil Forte, kapsułki, 80 mg, 60 szt., KRKA
Bilobil forte is a product that improves circulation and supply the brain with oxygen and glucose. ..
Bio Veintralex -  60 Capsules
Bio Veintralex Capsules Promotes: healthy chronic venous insufficiency varicose veins l..
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Diohespan MAX, 1000 mg, tabletki, 30 szt, Aflofarm
Diohespan MAX increases venous tone and has a protective effect on the vessels. Ingredients ..
Diosminex, 500 mg, tabletki powlekane, 60 szt, PHARMASWISS
Diosminex increases venous vascular tone and has a protective effect on the vessel. Ingredients ..
Esceven, Żel, Herbapol, 30g
Esceven Gel for varicose veins, 30g - Herbapol ..
Floslek Pielęgnacja Nóg, Leg Gel with chestnut and ginkgo, 50 ml
Floslek Leg Gel with chestnut and ginkgo, 50 ml ..
Full Spectrum Vitamin K, 90 Softgels
A comprehensive vitamin K formula contains vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 with other fat-soluble antiox..
Hemorol, czopki, 12 szt.
Hemorol rectal suppositories are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. ..
Latan, żel na zmęczone, spuchnięte nogi, OCEANIC, 40 g
LATAN is a combination of active ingredients to ensure the effectiveness of relieving tired and heav..
Lioven Max, (1000 j.m.)/g, żel, 50 g
Topical gel used in varicose veins with anticoagulant, antioedematous and anti-inflammator..
Maść z Arniki, Elissa, 25 g
Bruises, sprains, bruising, hematoma, phlebitis, swelling post trauma, burns, insect bites (mosquito..
Olejek Jałcowy, 10ml, ETJA
Juniper Oil - Juniperus Communis Oil Natural essential oil obtained from the fruit and juniper ne..
Rutinoscorbin, tabletki powlekane, 90 szt - GlaxoSmithKlein
Rutinoscorbin is a combination supplement consisting of rutin and vitamin C. Rutin helps seal capill..
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