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Guajazyl, syrop, 125mg/5ml, 160ml (200 g), Espefa
An expectorant used to treat cough. Composition 5 ml of syrup contains 125 mg of guaifenesin a..
Herbapect, syrop bez cukru, na kaszel, 150g, Herbapol
Herbapect Cough Syrup (Sugar Free) 150 g ..
Ibufen D - 100 mg/5 ml - dla dzieci od 3 miesiąca - bez cukru - zawiesina  120 ml
Ibufen D - 100 mg/5 ml - dla dzieci od 3 miesiąca - bez cukru - zawiesina - smak pomarańczowy  ..
Inhalol Krople do inhalacji  -olejki eteryczne do inhalacji 10g
Inhalol Krople do inhalacji olejki eteryczne do inhalacji 10g  ..
Lipomal, Syrop, 125ml, Aflofarm, 5909991034719
Syrop Lipomal dla dzieci zawiera suchy ekstrakt z lipy. Skuteczność preparatu opiera się wyłącznie n..
Reduces inflammation, fights bacteria and fungi as well as seals and strengthens the walls of blood ..
NEO-ANGIN Tabletki na gardło Z CUKREM tabletki do ssania na ból gardła 24szt
NEO-ANGIN Tabletki na gardło Z CUKREM tabletki do ssania na ból gardła 24szt ..
NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator
Nosefrida is a doctor recommended nasal aspirator that removes mucus from your child's nose. It was ..
Olbas Oil 10ml
Description Swiss Formula Penetrating Vapors All Natural Essential Oil Formula Stimula..
Oscillococcinum, 12 Doses, 0.04 oz Each, BOIRON
Temporarily Relieves Flu-Like Symptoms Body Aches, Headache, Fever, Chills and Fatigue Home..
Otrivin, 0.1%, aerozol do nosa, (1 mg / ml), 10ml, Novartis
Otrivin 0.1% nasal spray as a solution for adults and adolescents over 12 years. Ingredients O..
Otrivin, Aerozol, Dla Dzieci, 10ml, Novartis
Otrivin Aerosol 0.05% is locally acting medication which, by contraction of the blood vessels r..
Otrivin, Natural Eukaliptus, aerozol do nosa, 20 ml, Novartis
Otrivin Natural Eucalyptus - natural hypertonic sea water solution containing eucalyptus and wild mi..
Pectosol, koncentrat do sporządzenia roztworu doustnego, 40 g, Herbapol
Pectosol contains an ethanol-water extract of the herb thyme, Icelandic lichen, herb soapwort root. ..
Peppermint Harvest, Caffeine Free, Triple Mint Zing, 20 Tea Bags, 1.2 oz
Pichtowy Olejek eteryczny 50ml, Laboratoria Natury
Fir Oil, Laboratory of Nature Sp. Z.O.O. is obtained from young shoots of the Siberian fir special&n..
Polopiryna S, tabletki rozpuszczalne, 300 mg, 20 szt - Polpharma
Polopiryna S contains aspirin, which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic actions. ..
Pyralgina, tabletki, 500 mg, 6 szt. - Polpharma
Pyralgina is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug with analgesic, antipyretic (stronger than s..
Pyrosal, Syrop, 125g, Herbapol
The syrup of Pyrosal® is a preparation containing extract from: willow bark, elder flower, linden in..
Rutinacea Max, tabletki, 60 szt, AFLOFARM
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