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Children's Cold & Flu Unflavored 1 Oz Liquid
Children's Cold & Flu Unflavored 1 Oz Liquid Active Ingredients: Aconitum napellus (A..
Cholinex Intense, tabletki do ssania, miód i cytryna, 20 szt, GSK
Oral lozenges used in pain and pharyngitis. Honey-lemon flavor. Ingredients Active ing..
Cholinex, 150 mg, pastylki twarde, 24 szt
Used for minor inflammation and sore throat. ..
Chrypex, pastylki do ssania, 30 tabl, Solinea
Sore throat lozenges used in: hoarseness irritation of the oral mucosa ..
Coldcalm Cold - 60 Tablets
Assists in Relief of the Cold Non-drowsy formula Adults and Children 3 years..
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Coldrex, MaxGrip C, tabletki, 12 szt, GlaxoSmithKlein
INGREDIENTS  1 tablet contains 500 mg acetaminophen, 25 mg of caffeine, phenylephrine hydroc..
Depulol, żel do nacierania, 20 g, HASCO-LEK
Depulol gel, chest rub for symptomatic relief in common cold conditions. Ingredients 100 ..
DexaCaps, kapsulki na kaszel, 10's, Herbapol
DexaCaps composed with dextromethorphan hydrobromide and substances having a supportive action: the ..
Drosetux Syrop, Kaszel Suchy, Wspomagająco, 150 ml, Boiron
Drosetux syrup is used for the treatment of dry and irritating cough. Ingredients 150 ml ..
Febrisan, proszek musujący, 5 g, 12 saszetek, Takeda
For the symptoms of colds and flu. Ingredients 1 sachet contains: 5 g of effervescent ..
Flavamed, syrop, (15 mg / 5 ml), 100 ml, BERLIN-CHEMIE
Flavamed is used in diseases of the lungs and bronchial diseases associated with impaired mucus prod..
Flegamina Baby (2 mg/ml), krople doustne, 30ml, Teva
Flegamina Baby Drops is an expectorant, dissolves secretions from the respiratory tract. I..
Flegamina, dla dzieci, o smaku truskawkowym 120ml, Pliva/Teva
Flegamina Children's Cough Syrup, strawberry flavor, 120ml ..
Flegamina, o smaku malinowym, (4 mg/5 ml), syrop, 120 ml
Flegamina Syrup facilitates expectoration and treatment of bronchitis. USES Acute and chronic ..
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Flegamina, o smaku miętowym, 120ml, Teva
Flegamina Syrup facilitates expectoration and treatment of bronchitis. USES Acute and chronic ..
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Flegamina, tabletki, 8 mg, 20 szt
Flegamina tablets are used in acute and chronic respiratory disorders, coughing and removal of mucus..
GARDIMAX MEDICA, 24 tabletki do ssania, bez cukru, Tactica
Gardimax Medica lozenges efficiently and rapidly relieves pain associated with inflammation or ..
Gripex HotActiv Forte, proszek do sporządzenia roztworu, 8 saszetek, US Pharmacia
Gripex HotActiv Forte is a multi-drug which has antipyretic, analgesic and decongestant actions. Rel..
Gripex, HotActiv, proszek do sporządzania roztworów, 8 saszetek, US Pharmacia
Ingredients Active ingredients: paracetamol 650mg, 50mg ascorbic acid, phenylephrine hydrochlorid..
Guajazyl, 100 mg, tabletki, 50 szt
Expectorant tablets used to treat cough. ..
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