Posterisan, czopki doodbytnicze, 10 szt, DR KADE

Posterisan, czopki doodbytnicze, 10 szt, DR KADE
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Posterisan suppositories stimulates the immune system and helps the body's natural immune response to infection. This action leads to the relief of itching and burning.


(1 suppository): 387.1 mg of an aqueous suspension of dead bacteria (the composition of the suspension comprises of cellular components and products from the 660 million Escherichia coli killed and preserved a maximum of 6.6 mg of dilute phenol).


  • relieves pain,
  • eliminates the itching and burning, 
  • prevents bleeding
  • affects the local tissue regeneration and wound healing
  • increases the resistance of patients with bacterial infection, also indicated by slots (painful cracks) and anal fistulas


Posterisan suppositories are used in itching and burning of the anal area.


Insert 1 suppository rectally twice daily, morning and evening, preferably after defecation.

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